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Non-swim with Dusty

My family and I spent a weekend in September hoping to swim with Dusty in Co. Clare. Unfortunately it was at the beginning of a period where she has not been seen for a while so we spent the days wandering the beach peering out to sea. Note to parents: great beach for combing and plenty of pebbles for making buildings, just watch out for big rocks that can be easy to climb but from which it may be hard to get down.

It had been nearly a year since I had last swum with her so had been looking forward to reawakening the acquaintance. But it was not to be so I will write this article, which may be in vain if she does not return to the same beach, in an attempt to explain the location in a bit more detail than we have done before.

The beach is quite well marked with a County Council sign, then an easy step over a stone wall. The beach is rocky but easy enough to walk across. We were there in both high and low tides and the access is definitely easier at low tide but neither is particularly difficult. The swim area is quite well protected from cross winds but I am told she tends to go out a bit further than she used to at either Doolin or Fanore.

Plenty of dolphin people about when I was there, all hoping for the dolphin of course, but nice to meet up with old friends again never the less.

Keith Buchanan
Date Posted: 01/10/2005
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