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    Suzanne Chisholm - Mike Parfit
Saving Luna

About Saving Luna

What happens when a wild orca tries to make friends with people – not for food, but for companionship? Should humans welcome him or turn away?

SAVING LUNA is a true story about one such killer whale, who was nicknamed Luna. In 2001, when Luna was just a baby, he found himself alone in Nootka Sound, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, more than 200 miles away from his family. Orcas normally spend their entire lives together, but Luna was lost.

Without other whales, Luna tried to make contact with humans. But law and science told people to stay away. Yet the same social instincts that drove Luna to seek companionship also brought people to him, in spite of the law.

About Suzanne Chisholm

Suzanne ChisholmSuzanne has produced, filmed, and written news stories and documentaries in Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, the South Pacific and throughout North America. She received a Bachelor of Arts in economics and history from University of Toronto, and a Master of Development Economics from Dalhousie University. She taught English in Prague in the early 1990s, and did her graduate thesis research in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Since 1995 she has been working on various projects for National Geographic magazine and the National Geographic Channel-US.

Suzanne is the producer and co-director of SAVING LUNA, an award-winning feature documentary slated for release in 2008.

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WINNER, Audience Choice Award, Best Feature, Santa Barbara International Film Festival
WINNER, Best Documentary, Canadian Film and Television Production Association (Indie Award)
WINNER, Best Documentary, Bermuda International Film Festival
WINNER, Audience Award, San Francisco Ocean Film Festival
WINNER, Best Documentary, Victoria Film Festival
WINNER, Best People and Animals, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
WINNER, Best Environmental Film, Byron Bay Film Festival
WINNER, Best Storyline, International Wildlife Film Festival
Website is dedicated to giving accurate information about 'friendly' or sociable wild dolphins (and whales) around the coastal waters of Ireland - i.e., those cetaceans who from time to time choose to interact with humans.. Dolphins include Fungie the Dingle Dolphin, Dony and Dusty.