Irishdolphins - charting interactions between dolphins & people - charting interactions between dolphins and people
Irishdolphins international conference in support of interactive dolphins
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Please note: Conference 2008 is now over but there are plans for another in 2009 so please call back here
    Frances Bennett

Retired saddler and long expired BSAC class 3 diver from Kent. Have taken a keen interest in dolphins since experiencing "our" Dave in Sandgate. Sadly missing her and would love to meet up with her again. It's not often we get the chance to see a little of her world, she has certainly sparked the need to know more. is dedicated to giving accurate information about 'friendly' or sociable wild dolphins (and whales) around the coastal waters of Ireland - i.e., those cetaceans who from time to time choose to interact with humans.. Dolphins include Fungie the Dingle Dolphin, Dony and Dusty.