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Please note: Conference 2008 is now over but there are plans for another in 2009 so please call back here

    Presenters, Contributors and Delegates


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Edgar Hoffman Edgar Hoffman
Edgar followed the call of the dolphins to the Red Sea, and stayed to meet his future wife and bring up his children in a Bedouin fishing village.
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Elizabeth Harley
Encounters with the Moray Firth dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins & bottlenose in Bimini, Spinners in New Zealand, humpbacks in the Silver Bank sanctuary and magical times with beautiful Dusty.
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Frances Bennett
Has taken a keen interest in dolphins since swimming with "Dave" in Sandgate, UK.
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Frédérique Pichard Frédérique Pichard
Healer, dreamer, mother of three and founder of the "Institut Dony" (Dony Institute) for the study and protection of Irish emigré dolphin Dony.
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Gauthier Chapelle
Brussels-based marine biologist, director and co-founder of Biomimicry Europa. Closely involved with Dony, and no stranger either to Jean Floc'h and Dusty.
Presenting Topic: "Dony : Ethnologist or ambassador, reflections from a biologist"
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Graham Timmins ( Graham Timmins (
co-founder of; wordsmith, linguist, perfectionist and idealist!
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Jan Ploeg Jan Ploeg
Artist, sculptor, poet, philosopher, photographer and long-time swimmer with Dusty in Co. Clare, Ireland.
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Jenny Day Jenny Day
Jenny's background is in biological research and counselling, but has developed a strong interest in cetaceans, and along with her husband, David Day, has filmed Dony in Weymouth and Dave in Folkestone.
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Keith Buchanan ( Keith Buchanan (
Co-founder of who's has been gobbled up by the Internet and has little time to swim with dolphins anymore.
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Leah Lemieux Leah Lemieux
Author of REKINDLING THE WATERS: The Truth about Swimming with Dolphins.
Presenting Topic: The Dangers of Disconnection: Can Interactive Dolphins Help Us to Respectfully Rediscover Our Severed Ties with Nature?
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Margaux Dodds Margaux Dodds
Co-founder of the UK charity Marine Connection.
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Rob Sissons Rob Sissons
A writer living in Kent, who has swum with "Dave" on numerous occasions
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Ruth Corner Ruth Corner
Runs the eco-tourism company "Wild and Free" and has long experience with the dolphins at Marsa Alam, Egypt
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Sandra Guyomard Sandra Guyomard
President of Réseau Cétacés, the leading organisation for the study and protection of dolphins in France.
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Suzanne Chisholm - Mike Parfit Suzanne Chisholm - Mike Parfit
Saving Luna is a story about a wild orca that tries to make friends with people on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. SAVING LUNA is the title of both a book and a film that tell this story by husband and wife team Michael Parfit and Suzanne Chisholm.
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Terry Whittaker Terry Whittaker
Wildlife photographer based in Folkestone, Kent.
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Trevor Read Trevor Read
A dolphin swimmer who swam with Fungie for 5 years during the mid 90s and has also swum with Dave in Kent
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Ute Margreff Ute Margreff
Has studied interactive dolphins full time since 2000 and spent more hours with Dusty than anyone else on the planet!
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Abi Dillon
Abi has interacted with dolphins since the age of 12, particularly with Fungie, but also with Dony and Dusty.
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Alice Brohus Skriver
Danish ”dolphin adviser” for both children and adults.
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Alison Burgess Alison Burgess
BDMLR member who spent hours observing Dave in Sandgate, Kent, England and has swum with Dusty in Co. Clare, Ireland
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Amanda Stafford Amanda Stafford
Founder of The Dolphin Connection and has spent many years exploring her fascination with dolphins and the marine environment.
Presenting Topic: Boat-based dolphin encounters: towards a win-win model for both dolphins and swimmers?
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David Day David Day
zoologist/cameraman, currently specialising in interactive dolphins having filmed Dusty, Dony, Dave and Jean Floch. He plans to add Fungie and Duggie to this list during the trip to the conference.
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Dr Horace Dobbs Dr Horace Dobbs
Author, diver, researcher and dolphinologist extraordinaire
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Dr Jason Cressey Dr Jason Cressey
Psychologist, motivational coach and facilitator of cetacean encounters all over the planet!
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Dr Monika Wilke Dr Monika Wilke
Her PhD on interactive dolphins was inspired by her many hours observing and swimming with Dolphy and Fanny in the south of France. Also a specialist in Communications Training.
Presenting Topic: Life changing dolphins: fact or fiction?
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Dr Toni Frohoff Dr Toni Frohoff
Marine mammal biologist and solitary cetacean specialist. Editor of "Between Species" and co-author of the "Dolphin Mysteries"
Presenting Topic: "Friendly Dolphins Around the World: Many Species, Many Cultures"
More information is dedicated to giving accurate information about 'friendly' or sociable wild dolphins (and whales) around the coastal waters of Ireland - i.e., those cetaceans who from time to time choose to interact with humans.. Dolphins include Fungie the Dingle Dolphin, Dony and Dusty.