Irishdolphins - charting interactions between dolphins & people - charting interactions between dolphins and people
Irishdolphins international conference in support of interactive dolphins
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    Dr Jason Cressey

Presenting Topic: 

The psychology of dolphin and whale encounters: why have we been wanting to get close and personal for Ages?

Dr Jason Cressey  "Being with dolphins and whales elicits tremendous joy in people - and, personally,  I don't feel the need to try and completely explain that or use technical equipment to prove anything.  Everyone needs a little magic in their lives, and if dolphins and whales instill that magic in a person - be it through video, the internet, meditation or a physical encounter - that's wonderful.  As long as we see dolphins and whales as sentient, living beings with whom we share this planet, and not as gods or oceanic 'teddy bears' to whom we bestow all the responsibility that we should each assume ourselves for our own lives, we have much to learn about and from them. "

Dr Jason Cressey

 The POD - People, Oceans, Dolphins - exists to promote awareness of, respect for and contact with whales, dolphins and porpoises throughout the world.

The POD offers unique and affordable trips to swim with dolphins and whales in the wild, informal workshops, corporate seminars, personal Dolphin Vision Quest sessions and a range of other services connected with and inspired by dolphins and whales.

After ten years of roaming around more than sixty countries, Jason has just published his first book 'Deep Voices: The Wisdom of Whales and Dolphin Tales' about cetacea in myth, folklore and sacred rituals.  He examines the close relationship between dolphins and humans, and considers why the wisdom of our ancestors is more relevant to us today than ever before.  Jason will have an advance copy of the book with him at the conference, and will be taking pre-orders for those who wish to be among the very first to dive into a world of dolphin and whale mythology!


Click here for trips with dolphns and whales with Jason
Website is dedicated to giving accurate information about 'friendly' or sociable wild dolphins (and whales) around the coastal waters of Ireland - i.e., those cetaceans who from time to time choose to interact with humans.. Dolphins include Fungie the Dingle Dolphin, Dony and Dusty.