Irishdolphins - charting interactions between dolphins & people - charting interactions between dolphins and people
Irishdolphins international conference in support of interactive dolphins
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    Elizabeth Harley

I have loved dolphins and whales most of my life. My connection with them has grown from political activism in the 80's & early 90's through to surface encounters with the Moray Firth dolphins, to, in recent years swimming with Atlantic Spotted dolphins & bottlenose in Bimini, Spinners in New Zealand, humpbacks in the Silver Bank sanctuary and magical times with beautiful Dusty. I nearly got to come and see Funghi 15 years ago, so I can't wait to finally meet him! is dedicated to giving accurate information about 'friendly' or sociable wild dolphins (and whales) around the coastal waters of Ireland - i.e., those cetaceans who from time to time choose to interact with humans.. Dolphins include Fungie the Dingle Dolphin, Dony and Dusty.