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Dusty news 8th May 2005

The 'boathouse cove' at Spanish point We’re happy to report that Dusty returned to the Spanish Point area of Co.Clare on or before last weekend, i.e. around the end of April/beginning of May. Since then she has not been seen every day, nor all day when present, but certainly people have been able to swim with her on most days during the last week. Mixed reports suggest alternatively that she has not been as interactive as last year, or that she is now ‘back to her old self’ after appearing a bit stand-offish in February! Maybe she is being more selective than before – only time and further reports will tell.

The latest directions we have received to her usual location, slightly paraphrased, are :

“We met her in a little cove by the ‘boat-house’. It’s the very next cove to the White Strand. White Strand is the one with lots of caravans in front of a square-shaped cove with a sandy beach. Dusty has not been seen there. Instead if you drive or walk along the coast road until you see the ‘boat-house’, of which only the four walls are standing, that’s the cove where she is.”
Date Posted: 08/05/2005
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