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Dony in 'Le Pouliguen' early May

We have recieved a report from "Le Pouliguen" in the Bay of Biscay that Dony visited the port from the 3rd until the 8th of May.

The report reads:

"He is in great shape, apart of some scratch on his back that does not seem to bother him. (Dr Gauthier Chapelle identified the marks a "comb" coming from interaction with another dolphin)
He seems to take big risks with propellers and it was a bit worrying.
He was amazingly mild with people and children, taking great care not to hurt anybody.
Only once he used his tail to throw water to the public that might have been too intrusive. It was a great fun.
His visit was a privilege and many are getting conscious of that fact.
It's a unique experience."
Jean-Philippe Gallon

To view the pictures and more of Dony's stay in "Le Poulguen" please go to the link below. Please note that in Mozilla the link does not show the pictures.
Date Posted: 12/05/2006
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