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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Dusty is well

Things have been quiet for a while in Fanore recently, as usual in mid-winter. Not only is the sea cold but itís often rough for days on end during windy weather, and with the exposed coastline at Derreen, that can mean too rough to get into the water, even for experienced swimmers. Nonetheless we are happy to report that Dusty is alive and well and still frequenting her usual haunts. The only person we know who is dedicated enough to travel to Co.Clare in February (and indeed in January and December!) just to swim with Dusty is Ute Margreff. Ute has been braving water temperatures down to 5įC but her determination has been rewarded. She reports that Dusty is on great form this week, still inventing new variations on her usual games and as playful as ever.
Other bottlenose dolphins continue to be sighted in the area regularly and a group of about 20 came in to Dustyís cove the other day, swimming all around Ute in the water. A well deserved bonus! (As far as she could tell, Dusty was neither avoiding the visiting dolphins nor playing with them).
Date Posted: 06/02/2004
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