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Dusty in her new location

We’ve had a few more details about Dusty’s behaviour at her new location near Miltown Malbay in Co.Clare. One report says that she is less eager to interact than previously and that she comes and goes more to the deeper water just outside the bay. Apparently she is most interested when you head for shore and look like you are planning to get out, then she follows you in. Interesting, sounds much more like Fungie in his ‘second phase’ after he settled down from being highly interactive. Another comment was that she seems ‘more mature and independent’. Sounds good to me.
The location itself sounds like a great improvement on Derreen in many ways. A correspondent who visited on Sunday 6th March writes:

“She is very easy to find and her presence is known in Milltown Malbay. The first person I met on Sunday gave me exact directions. Initial local reaction appears to be positive, let’s hope it continues that way. There appears to be no problem with access and the cove appears to be on a path along the coast which is used by walkers. Apart from the regulars, at least a dozen others came and went during the day. Access is very easy and there appear to be no problems regarding rights of way.

The cove is open to the Atlantic and is probably prone to large swells, very large breakers just outside the cove on the right and left despite calm conditions on this occasion. Beautiful location in calm weather, very easy access to the sea, it will be interesting to see what it’s like on an average day.

Dusty’s behaviour is different, not ignoring the swimmers but not as interactive, not as playful, not on the surface as much and spending more time out at sea.”

We look forward to getting more reports – and of course to getting up there ourselves!

*update 20th March: apparently Dusty has not been seen here for the last two weeks now*

Date Posted: 11/03/2005
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