Charting interactions between dolphins and people
Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Saturday 5th January 2002

After being back an office environment for the last few days I was really looking forward to getting back in the water. On arrival at the beach there were already some people in the water. One of which was Paul, the other a lady called Lousie, who, it turns out, reads the diary all the time and had been waiting for us to arrive. So we all headed into the water together. One of the big Fungie boats was out, but in credit to the them, they kept coming back to where the swimmers were, trying to encourage Fungie back to us. Fungie was in really mellow form with us, but it was great. He kept coming over to me and we had some great spins together. It was a joy to be back in the water with him, it made me realize how much I had missed my daily swims. Oj and Paul got some spins with him, and as Nick entered the water, Fungie came charging in through the shallows to greet him. Fungie went over to Louise and they had a good spin together, I think she was pretty happy. The dolphin may not be as boisterous and jumpy as he has been, but it seemed he was still glad to see us.
Suzanne Murtagh

Swimmers – Nick, OJ, Paul, Louise and Suzanne
Water time – 40 mins
Fungie time – 15 mins
Date Posted: 06/01/2002
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