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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Thursday 17th January

Behold the Genie After the almost obsessive intensity of the last two months I have made the decision to slacken off a little , take things easier and lighten up. As the ‘season' winds down I am going to pick and choose my Slaidin excursions, to swim on a whim as it were. And the same goes for the diary, I am relinquishing my obligation to maintain it on a daily basis. I just want to enjoy the odd swim now without the accountability, the need to rationalize it afterwards. To let the experience be the all and settle on my soul like a wave on the ocean. To say an au revoir to Fungie in my own way as the union inexorably evaporates over the next week or so; acknowledging and letting go, thankful for the encounter. Not that Fungie actually leaves, but that this phase of behaviour comes to an end. Maybe tomorrow maybe not for another month. Who knows, but God willing he will be here some years yet fishing away off the reef, tearing around with the boats and swimmers. We will be swimming too throughout the year but on a much more sporadic level. Every now and again you will think I haven’t seen old Fungus for a while and find yourself heading down to the beach. I do a lot of rowing too in the summer in the traditional naomhog and often he will come and say hello, attracted by the clunking of the oars. He is the Genie in the lamp that you never quite know when is going to appear or what will trigger him.
We have had a wild time on reflection and there will be the odd good swim to be had yet for sure. You must remember as well that this is only my own personal perspective, how I do it. Hundreds of people have their own Fungie experience in many manner of forms throughout every year, from swimming to boat trips. My own approach demands a high level of focus and commitment at a time of year that can be quite exacting. The sea temperature is not too bad at about 8 degrees C, but the bitter winds, rain and hail can take their toll along with often negligible water visibility. The Bahamas this is not !
The diary itself I imagine will become somewhat more intermittent unless someone else takes up the gauntlet. We will keep it updated though with reports on Fungies general behaviour even if the daily aspect wanes. Input from all and sundry is also very much welcomed, your own experiences, opinions and viewpoints. One of the concepts behind this website is that it be a forum for sharing information ; a mechanism for this purpose is in the pipeline, but do email us now.
Anyway, we did swim today and it was a game of three parts. The first very much typical of recent with a quick hello, a few spins and Keith getting the signature jump. A good 25mins ensued then with Fungie fishing away off the reef. Just as we were on the point of getting out he came back a different animal alltogether. He had gone up a gear and was on flying form for a while, jumping around, the works. Fungie returned a third time but then didn’t engage at all. You wouldn’t know what he was at, the beguiling ol' devil with his multi faceted persona.
Nick Massett

Water time - 45 mins
Fungie time - 15 mins
Swimmers - Keith, OJ and Nick
Date Posted: 18/01/2002
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