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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Sunday 20th January

We went to the beach yesterday, but to be honest, my heart was just not in it for swimming. The weather wasn’t great and I was out of the routine of swimming everyday in any conditions. So, in short I chickened out, promising myself I would swim Sunday, which I did.
The weather was only slightly better, it was grey, with a heavy drizzle beginning to fall as we entered the water. Fungie was around and made himself quite visible but there was not a great deal of action. Jen who has returned from Sweden was really the only one out of us all that got any attention, with a few really great spins. Nick and I sat on our boards and looked on. I peered down into the murky water at one point only to see the sneaky fish swimming right under me, but once I had noticed him, he took off at a rate of knots for a spin with Jen. There was a definite feel of disinterest from him. It was behaviour that we have seen before over the years, he was hanging around in the same general area, but had no real intention of interacting with us. It didn’t even look like he was fishing, although we are not really to know that for sure.
There was a nice swell coming in so we decided to catch some waves instead as Fungie went off doing his own thing. Is he really beginning to lose interest? I honestly don’t know, he is completely unpredictable at the moment. Was it because I am not swimming each day that he chose not to interact? Possibly, but he was happy to spin with Jen who has been away for the last two and a half weeks. Who knows what goes on inside Fungies head, but he obviously knows what he wants and today it wasn’t really swimmers!
Suzanne Murtagh

Swimmers – Jen , Nick and Suzanne
Water Time – 35mins
Fungie time – 2 mins
Date Posted: 21/01/2002
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