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Wednesday, 6th February

So Jenny and I decided that we had better go for a swim since it has been so long since anyone had. After the alarm and worry of the last few days it was very pleasant to spend time on the beach again, especially as there was a break in the weather. We expected there to be more signs of the oil spillage but thankfully there was very little. Jenny could smell diesel but my cold saved me from that discomfort. There were odd patches where oil was discernible on the water but not in large quantities.
Fungie seems pretty unperturbed by the incident and continues to swim as he would at this time of year, mainly in the channel and presumably fishing. He came over for a brief swim with Jenny and a quick look at me but we could not keep him interested for long. There is a lot of boat activity of course with divers being ferried to and fro from the wreck.
Strange seeing the Celestial Dawn thrown up on the rocks near the lighthouse but other than its broken bulk there is, thankfully, very little else to mark the events of last Saturday evening.

So we are going to try again tomorrow, weather permitting.

Swim time: 30 mins
Fungie time: 2 mins
Swimmers: Jenny and Keith

Keith Buchanan
Date Posted: 06/02/2002
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