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Thursday, 7th February

Another quick swim in water, although not altogether free of spilling diesel, is in no way a hindrance to swimming. It was pretty much the same activity as yesterday with Fungie coming over for a quick hello and then off again into the channel or to follow the boats as they ferried to and fro from the wreck. I will leave Graham to explain the goings on with the wreck in the news section but it all seems to be progressing as planned.
We had a new swimmer today; Fransica from Germany who was very determined and was rewarded for her perseverance with Fungie swimming around her a couple of times and following her out to the point. Fransica was just getting out of the water as we were leaving the beach, and is likely to be a regular swimmer as she in Dingle for another month.
Nick is back from his trip to England and walked down to the beach with us. He wasn’t tempted into the water as it didn’t look that inviting but he was relieved to see the situation under control after having only heard news of the Celestial Dawn from media coverage.
It was cold again today and likely to be so for a while longer but the evenings are getting longer which is always welcome. I am not going to swimming myself tomorrow but Jenny and Fransica will be.

Swim time: 20 mins
Fungie time: 3 mins
Swimmers: Jenny, Fransica and Keith
Keith Buchanan
Date Posted: 07/02/2002
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