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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Sunday 25th November 2001

This is me - Suzanne Sundays! Well, we don’t ever have great expectations of Sundays, the reason being that there are usually a few tourist boats running not to mention the flotilla of locals out in their craft.
This Sunday the water seemed quiet, there was a local football match on keeping everyone away.
It was bloody cold! The fact that I was hung over didn’t help. Words of advice, don’t swim with a hangover! Energy levels were low. Still, joined by Nick, Jenny 2 and Meg of course I struggled into my wet, wet suit, jumped on my boogie board and off I went.
No sooner were we all in the water than Fungie appeared. Charging in at us at full speed, a quick jump straight over Nick, then one over me and he was gone!
A quick hello, Fungie obviously had another agenda that day. No two swims are ever the same, today’s was explosive and all of 30 seconds.
Suzanne Murtagh

Water time – 40 mins
Date Posted: 25/11/2001
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