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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Wednesday 28th November 2001

Triple charge Great to feel at my ease again in the water, I think that the day off yesterday did me the world of good. Recharge the batteries. High tide today which can make things interesting, there was a bit of a swell coming in too which made for some great movement in the water. It was raining, but what the hell, we were going to get wet anyway. Keith joined us today, and he had a great swim.
Fungie was in flying form again today, full of surprises. Sometimes he will give you a sign or warning (whatever way you want to look at it) that he is coming, and other times he will try his best to catch you off guard, which is what he was at today. Really now, you hadn’t a clue where he was going to come from next. I was lying on my board, looking around trying to figure out where he might be, when he jumped right over me! Then he disappeared only to pop up by Jen and then Nick a few minuets later. This was what he was like today.
He was really impressed with Keith’s new moves in the water, a difficult move to try and describe in writing, a double kick with the legs, pushing the board down in the water as he went (you would have to see it really), anyway, Fungi loved it and was leaping about him for ages, the look on Keith’s face was something to see.
Nick and Fungie had a real one on one experience later during the swim. Just the two of them headed off as we hung back, happy to watch. They really were just happy to hang out together, Fungie jumping around Nick and nudging him as he did so. It seemed to us as if a real contact was made.
It had been a soft day but by the time we were out of the water and getting changed, it was lashing down. There was a mad flurry of action trying to get dressed and stay dry, modesty went out the window.
Suzanne Murtagh
Date Posted: 28/11/2001
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