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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Thursday 29th November 2001

Thursday 29th November 2001

As we arrived at the car park today we met an English couple. They had obviously just been in the water as both were cold and wet looking and the man was in the process of tying their two canoes onto the roof of their van. Nick asked him if they had had a good time, and this guys face said it all. He had this big smile on his face, and was gushing telling us of the amazing time he had had with Fungie. Who, it would seem, was jumping all over them and stayed with them as they were out paddling their canoes. It was a pretty wet day today and just to see and hear this gave us all a bit of a lift, as we were kind of wondering what in Gods name we were doing out on such a wet afternoon.
High tide again today, there was a bigger swell, and the visibility in the water wasn’t as good as it had been. We were in the water splashing about for a while before we saw any sign of him whatsoever. But when we did see him he was once again blasting over in our direction. Full speed at Jen and I and then to Nick. He seemed slightly less boisterous than he has been of late, he was quite mellow with us all, spending time with one of us then going to the next and so on. He would stay with us for a short while, then sneak off back to the point, a favoured fishing spot. Then before long back to us. He kept us all in a tight group today, making sure that we were all swimming together, and often, if one of us was off on our own, enticing us back into the group. It was really nice, like he wanted to hang out with us all at the same time. He was doing a lot of spy hopping type moves with Nick. At one point coming up out of the water really quite slowly, the upper two thirds of his body, then slipping back down into the water then popping right back up again – You would swear he was standing on his tail, as he didn’t look like he was putting too much effort into it all. Meg was on the beach, barking and yelping as she does when she is missing out on the action, she was making so much noise at one stage that Fungie left us and headed to the beach to investigate. Sometimes even those left watching from the beach get a look in with him. After being so sneaky and surprising yesterday, then so mellow today, who knows what might happen tomorrow! I’m just hoping that it stops raining so that I can get my suit dry before the next swim, and we can take some photos too for the diary.
Suzanne Murtagh

Swimmers - Jenny, Nick and Me
Water Time - 45 mins
Fungie Time – 25 mins (approx)
Date Posted: 29/11/2001
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