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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Friday 30th November

Happy camper Keith Male energy! The swim felt quite different to me today, I was swimming with Keith and Nick and it honestly felt to me that Fungie was more interested in the lads. That’s not to say I was completely ignored, but he seemed happy to sweep by me on the way to one or either of the boys. There’s no accounting for taste! Keith was the star of the show today (apart from Fungie that is). His new moves have really caught Fungie’s attention and the two of them had a great swim together.
Fungie seems to be jumping a lot less than he has been, he seems happier staying in the water than flying through the air.
A magic part of it today was when Fungie went off to do his own thing for a little while, only to re-appear near the rocks throwing a fish around – This is really unusual to see when swimmers are in the water, and the first time I had ever witnessed this type of behaviour. He was chasing and playing with the fish, we could tell as the poor old fish was making valiant attempts to jump and swim away. There was no escape however, and Fungie swam over to the three of us, who were bunched together, swimming around us and underneath us proudly showing us the fish he had just caught. (First time any of us has seen this since 1993! - ed.)It was an amazing sight to see, and one I wont forget in a hurry. It did finally stop raining this afternoon, but we were too much in a hurry to get in the water to take any photos. We should manage to get some over the weekend.
Suzanne Murtagh

Swimmers – Nick, Keith and Me
Water time – 40 mins
Fungie time – 15/20 mins ( these time are all approx, we don’t carry a stop watch or anything)
Date Posted: 30/11/2001
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