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Wednesday 05 December 2001

Mixed bunch, common interest Finishing work at 3pm, rushing home to get changed and pick up the wet suit, the dog, and then heading for the beach ……its all a bit of rush! Which is why the walk from the car-park down to the beach is always good for the head. It’s a time to leave the day behind and get focused on the swim ahead. The 3.30 call to the beach becomes the focal point of the day, everything revolves around it.

There was a good crowd again today, I have found that if there are more than say 6 or 7 in the water it can get a bit crowded (that’s my own personal feeling), but the size of the group today felt just right. Right from the word go Fungie was into it. Keith was first into the water and the dolphin didn’t waste any time in getting into the flow of things, hanging out in the shallows with him. As each swimmer got in he came checking them out, or as I like to think, saying hello.
He had a few mad bursts , a leaping jump , landing just in front of me, practically knocking me off my board with the wave he created. He also seemed to be getting a bit of a buzz out of swimming with Jen and I as we swam around together. Fungie would zip in between us, going from one to the other, I think he liked the energy we were giving off together.
He is spending a lot of time swimming on the surface, with his fin perpetually carving through the water, even his tail can be seen breaking the surface.
On one occasion he flipped his tail out of the water and nearly hit me in the face!

I think I can safely say that we all had a good swim. The couple from Holland were there again, and it seemed they enjoyed today even better than yesterday.
Suzanne Murtagh

Swimmers – Jen (1)(Sweedish), Keith (South African), Andrea (Dutch), Hanspaul (Dutch) and me (Irish).
Water time – 40 mins
Fungie time – 25/30 mins
Date Posted: 05/12/2001
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