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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Wednesday 19th December 2001

Mutual attraction Wednesday 19th December 2001

It was brief but worth it today. We didn’t have to wait around for Fungie, as we did yesterday, when Nick got in the dolphin was on his way over, it seems he knows exactly when we get in to the water, no matter where he is. Nick was quickly followed by Jenny and I, although I still lagging a bit behind. Fungie was full of jumps and spins, then gathered us all together and was swimming about underneath us. The water is crystal clear at the moment and it is an amazing sight to see him there, gliding by. It was a perfect winters day, which no doubt was the reason for the few boats that turned up shortly after we started our swim, and unfortunately for us, Fungie decided he was going to hang out with them. What with it being so cold we didn’t wait around for long to see if he would come back, and indeed it was only as we were changed and heading for home did we see him again, cruising happily around on his own.
Suzanne Murtagh

Water time -25mins
Fungie time -10/15mins
Swimmers -Nick, Jenny, Suzanne
Date Posted: 19/12/2001
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