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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Friday 21st December

Shapeshifter and Nick laying low To write about ones experiences with Fungie is not always easy on spec. Some swims can be so special and reverberate in the mind to the point that I don't even want to speak afterwards.Don't want to dilute the experience with mere words, just want to hold onto the magic a little longer. To let it settle on the soul and only then slowly radiate back out. On really, really good days this can happen in the collective, when everyone has had a great swim and we're all stupefied by it. Thats when, as an onlooker, you can witness the full extent of the madness that is prevalent at Slaidin. You'll see a small group of people, shaking with the cold, stumbling along in the twilight laden with gear wearing beatific smiles. A day release from the Cuckoos Nest you might wonder, a bunch of surfing monks
from a silent order? But today in the water I was a bit jaded, not always in the moment and responding instinctively to Fungies moves. It was just myself and Keith swimming and on paper it would read as a good swim with a few jumps, lots of rear ups and watnot. But personally what summed it up for me was when Fungie was leaving after a bout of action. He swam off really slowly, on the surface all the way with his head cocked to one side, with this questioning backwards glance."I don't know Nicko, I don't know", I swear he was saying....
Nick Massett
Water time- 30 mins
Fungie time- 15/20 mins

Date Posted: 21/12/2001
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