Charting interactions between dolphins and people
Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Monday 24th December

Rock n’roll. With a fresh revitalising wind out of the west we were five strong heading for the beach. There was a good buzz with Jamie back after a month away and Fungie had spotted him from well off. Jenny and I were first in but not the fresh blood Fungie was waiting for; he wanted the man with the paddle. In only chest deep water Fungie hovered in front of Jamie transfixed by the swishing blade, the rest of us hanging back waiting for our cue. Now he’s turned back out to sea with four swimmers lined up in front of him, who’s going to get the nod? That little look, then the deep arching dive down; the big fish is coming and it’s time to make your move. I explode into life with a double kick and Fungie has covered the distance between us and over me in a flash. From ticking over in neutral to airborne projectile, the changeling keeps you on your toes. He’s cranked up now though and flying over me this way and that, a touch of the devil about him. Now a charge at Keith who’s in his sights, yeehaar this is a great swim, then over to Jenny for spins and also Aidan who isn’t sailing today. It’s a hoot and with the good water vis its great to be able to watch him underwater too. See him dive then turn, a kick of the tail and that big white beaky smile is back for more. Pitching and turning, who’s mimicking who sometimes I don’t know, but the bond is powerful.
Nick Massett

Water time –60 mins
Fungie time –30mins
Swimmers –Keith, Jamie, Jenny, Aidan and Nick

Date Posted: 24/12/2001
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