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Tuesday, 25th December

Christmas kiss A Christmas day swim with expectations. We are trying a combined diary effort today where three of us are going to put down our recollections of the swim. I know the other two lads are going to say what a great swim it was today and for me it highlights one of the great mental dilemmas of swimming with a wild dolphin; appreciating and enjoying how fantastic it can be watching Fungie swimming with other people but trying to figure out why he is not swimming with me. I tried everything today: ducking, diving, butterflying, swiveling, leaping but nothing worked. And maybe that was the problem, trying too much and not just relaxing into it. So before depressing myself further I am going to just hand it on to Nick to say what a great time he had swimming with that frivolous, choosy dolphin. (Keith Buchanan)

Yeh it was brilliant, sorry Keith. Fungie did keep us on tenterhooks for 45mins before showing up mind you, but we did break with the regular 3pm slot; there was a Christmas dinner to be cooked after all. He did come storming in though and I had a great 15mins full on blast with him. There was a nice crowd down watching making for a great festive atmosphere, celebratory and social. Happy Christmas. (Nick Massett)

If only the visibility was like this more often in the winter instead of the usual mud slush puppy we get from November till march, the clear water takes your mind of the cold. The seasons are apparent underwater as much as they are on land and the seabed has a wintry look and feel about it. Anyone who spends long periods of time in cold water will appreciate I’m sure those brief but happy moments when you let go of the pee you’ve been saving special. Only peed in my wetsuit twice, one of those was after I’d gotten out though which is a bit average in anyone’s books really. (Jamie Crane)

Water time –60 mins
Fungie time –15 mins
Swimmers –Keith, Jamie, Jenny, Karin, Ruth and Nick

Date Posted: 25/12/2001
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