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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Thursday 27th December 2001

Fatboy ! Recovery was top of the agenda today – As Nick mentioned, St Stephens day is a very big occasion here in Dingle, it would take long to try to explain it, but in short, everyone dresses up in fancy dress and follows bands around town, drinking as you go. It was a long day and night, and to say that we were feeling a bit fragile would be putting it lightly. Still, Nick did manage to get a swim in, I on the other hand chose to watch from the shore with my doggy. It was about all I was fit for. He was joined by Cat, Keith and Karin.They were waiting a while before seeing any sign of Fungie, in fact, we didn’t think he was going to show at all but thankfully he did. He was on good form with Nick, and showed interest in Cat and Karin but maybe they were in awe or something and didn’t really react so Fungie headed back to hang about with Nick and Keith. Jamie and I were standing on the end of the pier, and much to our delight, Fungie swam by really close, popping up to have a look at who was there. So even though we weren’t swimming, it felt to me that Fungie was including us. Its nice to be home.
Suzanne Murtagh

Swimmers – Nick, Keith, Cat and Karin
Water time – 45mins
Fungie time – 20 mins
Date Posted: 27/12/2001
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