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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Saturday 29th December 2001

Summer conditions and summer behaviour but with hardy winter weather. It was 5 degrees centigrade and the hailstorms intermittent so we had the foresight to bring wood for a fire again. But the boats, the boats, oh so many boats. It is to be expected though in this interim of the holiday period and a trip out to Fungie is a great way to pass an hour, you can’t knock people for it. So there was no hurry to get in and as it turned out Jamie and Keith were the only ones to bother. Jamie got a quick look in dibbying Fungie off the pier with the paddle but that was the extent of it, typical of a summer time swim. There was great atmosphere though, more of a social again and no more or less than what we expected. I just hope there’s a bit of form left in him when it gets quiet again next week, we’ll need a concerted effort though, a big push.
Nick Massett

Water time –20mins
Fungie time-1min
Swimmers- Jamie and Keith
Date Posted: 29/12/2001
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