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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Wednesday 2nd January 2002

My apologies for the missing few days in the diary, but for me the month of January brings about some changes. We did venture down to the beach on New Years day, all in a very sorry state. We sat and waited to see if Fungie was about but never saw him. It was a shame as I felt we needed to see him in order to get us past our hangovers and into swimming mode. Still, it was not to be.
When January does arrive, it means that I must go back to work and start doing full days instead of my cushy 5 hour days. This of course means that I can no longer go to the beach every day, and must limit myself to weekend swims. Its not too easy at the moment trying to get back into ‘reality’. So the diary will slowly wind down. But there are still a few lucky ones, like Nick and OJ who are going to keep going to the beach as often as they can and we will be relying on them to keep us all up to date. Of course there will be the weekend swims, so I intend to keep reporting on them for as long as they last. Its quite sad, I will really miss my daily dolphin adventures.
Suzanne Murtagh
Date Posted: 03/01/2002
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