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Irish Dolphins - Interactions between dolphins and people.  Including Fungie the Dingle Dolphin
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Thursday 3rd January 2002

Hello Fungus Ha ha Fatboy returns. After maybe seven days since the last swim Fungie was back on flying form. His timing was impeccable, cruising around the point just as we were getting in. You’d swear someone was choreographing the show some days – cue the dolphin, cue the swimmers, and, action! He came tearing in, hydroplaning the last twenty metres at me then straight into a big rear up and topped off by a little beaky nudge as he slipped back down. Nothing beats him when it comes to making an entrance, his speed, size and sheer presence will always take your breath away. The connection is startling and powerful, especially so after the week away.” Hello Fungie my friend, I’ve missed you”.
After the indifferent behaviour of recent I was really doubtful whether we would see him on form again, that he may slip into a January torpor. As I was kitting up I was wondering if things had already fizzled out, it would be a telling swim. Generally speaking Fungie has a certain repertoire of moves that you can ‘expect’ on a good day. But then there are days when he won’t be constrained by the set piece and is throwing himself around with total abandon. Then you know he’s really happy and today he’s having a ball. Lunging out of the water a couple of feet away and then whipping his head back with frightening speed so we are nose to beak. A dolphin headbutt that stops two inches short and then sublimely slips away, old Jekyll and Hide himself. Jumps that had me pressed to the board, afraid to raise an eyebrow for fear of losing it. I was hollering and shouting by now and that was only making him worse, thrashing around. A brief respite then and OJ and I exchange glances wondering where he’d gone, the very moment he launched himself airborne beside her. The astonished look on her face was a picture, welcome to the swim OJ. Fungie had her half dizzy then as he swam round and round as she spun on the board. To finish up he corralled together the three of us in the water and began to streak by in the swell, just tearing along leaving us spinning in his vortex. A great swim, all the better for being unexpected, and one that left a big beaming smile.
Nick Massett

Water time-45mins
Fungie time-30mins
Swimmers- OJ, Nick and Unknown

Date Posted: 03/01/2002
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